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This stepper is not just very compact, but it is also a surprisingly versatile home fitness machine.

Essentially it’s a portable elliptical machine with built-in resistance training thanks to the tubes.  This allows you to work on toning your upper and lower body at the same time.


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  • Twist action also helps you to tone thighs and bum while getting an excellent cardio workout
  • Exercise the deep muscles in hard-to-reach places without putting impact stress on your joints
  • Resistance is adjustable, and exercise bands work arms, chest, back, and shoulders for total body workout
  • Heavy-duty steel construction provides years of reliable use
  • The oversized foot plates are anti-slip to keep you firmly planted during workout
  • On-board computer with LCD display shows total count, time, calories burned, and rep count

Product Description

This is such a great little unit for anyone wanting to exercise at home with only a small amount of space.  Use it while you watch TV then tuck it away into a closet.

This stepper is a great way to work out your legs and bum to get stronger as well as  more toned.  Using the resistance bands at the same time are a great idea so that you can work out and tone your arms.  Just think of all the calories that will be burned by doing this in front of the TV instead of just laying on the couch!

  • Get an excellent lower + upper-body workout.
  • Moves up and down with a side-to-side motion
  • The twisting action tones bum and thigh muscles
  • Works deep muscles without over-stressing bones and joints
  • Offer adjustable resistance for variable workout intensity
  • Exercise bands add upper-body workout
  • Large footplates with slip-resistant surface for a safe workout
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Built-in computer with LCD display showing count, total count, scan, time, and calories

Weight capacity: 250 lbs.    Dimensions: 18.5″L x 16″W x 8″H

I can’t believe the excellent price for this and you get free shipping too when you buy it on Amazon.

Many of the verified purchasers on Amazon have said they think it is beautifully designed & sturdy.  It’s easy to set up since there’s no assembly required. The pedals position your feet legs and hips to simulate the real action of climbing actual stairs and, force you to use all of the muscles of the hip torso and thighs.

One reviewer said they are a personal trainer that has studied the physiology involved in movement dynamics and she indicated this stepper is excellent.

You might want to buy some two, three and even five pound hand weights to really boost up the toning of your arms instead of using just the the hand straps.

You should really take a look at all the reviews yourself  and see why so many people gave this little stepper 4 or 5 stars.

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