Benefits of a Home Gym Even on a Low Budget

I’ll bet the thought of getting up early in the morning to go running is unbearable.  And you might not have the time to head over to a gym just to spend time waiting to get on a machine – or paying a membership fee every month.

Maybe, you just don’t like the idea of working out without a bunch of stinky, sweaty people around you.

Benefits of a Home Gym

If any of those statements sound like some that may have run through your head, owning a home gym or at least a good fitness machine could be the right answer for you. There’s plenty of fitness equipment to choose from these days and they don’t all cost a small fortune.

Which is the best home exercise equipment?

Depending on your budget you can buy high quality pieces of  fitness equipment that can offer multiple purposes. You can also buy a few different cardio machines, like a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike,  and the like for less than $200.

Plus, you can get some small fitness gear like dumbbells, barbells, stability balls, and resistance bands for much less than a machine.  These are great to buy when you see them go on sale and to add on to your home workout gear.

Get Buff Not Broke

I personally have my own home gym with weights, dumbbells, a bench and a glider which I use for short cardio workouts when I don’t have time to do an Insanity workout!

You can do like I did and just buy one thing at a time, spread out over several months. This way it doesn’t empty your bank account too fast and you can get some thing when they are discounted.

Even if you spend as much as $2000 on all your home gym stuff, that isn’t nearly as expensive as having a gym membership.  Most clubs charge from $35-$75 per month. After 3 years you can spend more than $2000 and not own a single thing if you cancel your membership.

But some things, like your own bench and dumb bells will almost never need replacing.  You can easily own and use them for 20+ years.

If you get the right mix of machines and equipment, you can do a full body workout whenever you want.  No waiting for equipment, no driving to a gym in traffic or lousy weather and you can use your equipment for many, many years.

I can happily say that don’t regret spending the money on any of my good quality, home gym stuff. And I intend to keep adding more.

So What Are You Exercising or Training For?

What’s your goal?  

Is it losing some inches, dropping major pounds, getting into better general shape or you just want to be healthier?  Knowing this about yourself will dictate what you’ll need to have at home.

Also, what is what your current fitness level?

What do you want to accomplish?  If you just want to lose weight and get into decent shape for better health, then owning a cardio machine might be enough. But weight loss is usually faster when you include resistance training like weight lifting too.

Watch the video below to help figure out which style of cardio machine would be the best one for you:

Complete Work-Out and Muscle Building

Now, if you are looking to also build some muscle mass, then you will definitely need to buy some weights to perform resistance training.

You’ll want a combination of:

  • dumbbells
  • a barbell
  • plus other weight training equipment like a bench

Adjustable dumbbells that add plates with just the click of a switch, from two to 50 lb, are awesome! They’re compact and offer a nearly unlimited number of exercise options. These Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells make a great foundation for any home gym.

adjustable dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech

For body weight exercises like dips, push ups, pull ups and others the best all in one solution is a power tower.  See an example below, a picture of an XMark XM-4434 Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar


If you are a beginner, you should watch this video to learn which few pieces are best to start out with for an inexpensive start to weight training from home.

He shows you the best items to have in a “stripped down” home gym:

To recap from the video, here’s the list of minimum items to start off your home gym:


One Other Important Item

A Stability Ball is another must have for a home gym.  It can even replace a bench for many exercises. You can do ab crunches, squats, hamstring curls, and a ton of different exercises. They’re pretty inexpensive and easy to store.

But don’t go too cheap with buying one of these!

The really cheap ones may have a very short life and can hurt you by popping – maybe even causing serious injuries. Shop for better quality stability balls like those brands sold at fitness outlets which have been tested to several times your body weight.

Before Purchasing any Product

Be a smart buyer and check out product reviews, warranty and product details before purchasing anything.  Decide which are right for you and explore the best quality that machines that you can afford.

In the long run you will be better off to pay a bit more for quality fitness equipment.  They will perform better and last longer without causing you any repair issues.