The Abs Bench X2 Review, Product Info & Best Price

abs bench best priceThe Abs Bench is a fairly new product (came out late in 2013) offered by the Abs Company. They updated the original model by 2015 with the Abs Bench X2.

They are better know for the Ab Coaster which is an innovative and high quality fitness machine designed to work your abdominal muscles.

Many of the very similar, but much more cheaply made machines copied this product.

You will only find the real Ab Coaster at paid membership gyms, not the cheap knock offs.

To me that says something about the superior quality of the Abs Company machines.

And so it’s no surprise that The Abs Bench X2 is another high quality product .

It’s the Rolls Royce of abs benches.

What’s so cool about this is that it functions with a dual pivot motion to help you perform a double crunch exercise while still using natural motion.

The dual pivot allows for 2-way ab crunch action – a forward crunch and reverse crunch movement to work out your lower and upper abs.

And targeting the lower abdominals is just so very key to achieving perfect ab muscles.

They are tough to hit. Most folks just doing floor exercises can’t work the lower abs effectively enough.

The great thing about this as that your can perform the forward crunch and reverse crunch at the same time or separately. Just as was shown in the video.

Also note that the Abs Bench is the ONLY abdominal bench built to a commercial quality level that can work both your lower and upper abs at the same time.

You can also add resistance by using the integrated weight horns situated on both the upper and lower parts of the machine.  Obviously this will allow even the fittest and most advanced exerciser to create a more challenging workout as your strength progresses.

It’s important to know the padding has been angled and foot pegs designed using ergonomics to provide the best possible comfort and superior stabilization.

This is very key.

It prevents injury caused by improper form and allows you the work out with greater effectiveness.

I also love the solid construction, smooth welds and powered coated paint finish. This is a quality piece of fitness equipment and it looks the part.  Although it might be out of reach for many people.


Mainly because of the price point and space required to set it up.  If you have a basement or garage you convert to a home gym, this would be a nice piece of exercise equipment to own.

I think I might even look forward to working my abs!  I guess that’s partly because I personally HATE doing floor exercises.

If you can afford the price tag of high quality fitness equipment, and you’d like to have a nice looking machine that gives you an awesome abs workout, then keep reading…


  • Dual Weight Horns
  • 50 lb. Olympic Weight Plate capacity
  • Forward Crunch and Reverse Crunch Design
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Quick and Easy Assembly

DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT L 82” x W 36” x H 41” – Weight: 175 lb.


You will find this product is sold by The Abs Company the maker on The Abs Bench X2 web-site for: $1,499.00

Save hundreds of dollars and get learn about the best price here: The Abs Bench X2 

WARRANTY From original date of purchase Manufacturers warranty is 3 years for parts and components (other than the padding).


“My members absolutely Love the Abs Bench. I wanted my members to be comfortable using the bench so I showed my members how to use it and now they all LOVE the Abs Bench!” Cheryl Moore – ANYTIME FITNESS Owner – Flint, MI

“My members love the new Abs Bench. It has been a hit in my club.” Thomas Huggie- ANYTIME FITNESS Owner – Chubbuck, ID

“The Core Zone at World Gym in Lewisville, Texas is a hot item. We’ve included an Ab Solo, two Ab Coasters, and of course the all-important Ab Bench. Our members gravitate to this area when working their core and we get lots of positive feedback on all the Ab equipment. The Ab Bench is especially popular as it allows you to work upper or lower abs both individually or simultaneously. You can also add customer resistance levels to each. This equipment has been one of our most important purchases we have made and I would highly recommend adding a Core Zone area to any fitness center.” Bill Windscheif – WORLD GYM Owner – Dallas, TX

“LOVE LOVE LOVE THE AB BENCH! We have one and I think it is one of the best ab benches EVER!” Sissye Gory, General Manager Fitness Lady Health ClubsPaige Prescott – General Manager MSFitness Lady – Pearl, MS

Bottom line… if you have the room in your home and you can cough up the $1399 (plus tax depending on your State) you won’t be disappointed with owning this bad boy.