P90X vs Insanity – Which Workout is Better?

P90X vs Insanity P90X and Insanity are two massively popular home workout programs which are well known for their intensity and also their effectiveness. Both programs are aimed at individuals who are physically fit and come from the same Beachbody brand. But in spite of those similarities, there are some very key differences between P90X […]

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Review of the P90X Workout and Fitness Guide

p90x workout

Complete Guide to P90x to Decide if this Workout is for You P90X is an intense 90 day workout system which is based around the principle of ‘muscle confusion’. This is a concept where you consistently alternate your workout schedule and routines to “confuse” your body to prevent it from adapting to a fixed workout […]

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Best Treadmills Under $1000

                         Our Top 3 Picks After reviewing tons of treadmill choices, I decided to zero on the 3 best based on overall value. I have listed the main features and key information about each one to help you decide which treadmill might be best […]

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Phen 375 Review – How Good is this Fat Burning Pill?

Phen375 review

Phen375 uses the principle of phentermine (not the actual substance itself) to help reduce your appetite, and to also help you burn fat more quickly. Phen 375 Claims to: Reduces Appetite Dramatically Decrease Your Fat Storage Increases Metabolism Increases Energy Produced in FDA registered facilities (USA product) Connect you with online diet plans and exercise […]

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